1.You must be 18 years old or older to run at EVR.

2.Please show up for race on time and prepared to race. If you make it in server before qualifying is over you will be allowed to start at the rear of the field. Failure to be in server before qualifying has ended will result in you not being able to run.

3.Learn your F2 button and be aware of where you and the cars around you are.


5.Lapped cars will drive thru pits with one to go when there are 10 or less laps remaining in race as to let the leaders race for the win.

6.If you cause two cautions you will be required to retire from race.

7.If you self-spin three times you will be required to retire from race.

8.During pace laps you will be required to stay within 0.2 secs of the car in front of you. Please learn how to pace properly,it makes restarts go much smoother.

8a.On starts/restarts the Pole man will pace at the proper pace speed for given track and will start/restart the race when spotter says "Green,Green,Green" Lagging back or jumping starts/restarts will result in a black flag.

9.Whatever the game says goes.

10.No black flags will be cleared by administrators at any time. If you are given a bogus BF it will be considered just a racing deal. It happens. Sorry but thats the way it must be.

11.If you disco from server during race you will be allowed to get back in and keep racing if you can,but no laps will be given back. Again,It's just a racing deal.

12.No Flaming Period, flaming will get you kicked from the server.

13.There will be one restart issued before lapd 2 is complete if the admins deem it neccesary, this rulle will be voted on during the race as to keep it fair play for all participants.

14.No Talking During Qualifying.

14a.On starts/restarts when spotter says "We're goin' green" there will be absolutely no chatting period. If you are on Ventrilo with us please stop all chat when you hear spotter tell you we're goin' green.

15.No intentional wrecking (Instant Ban).

16.No jumping the starts.

17.No bumping in turns.

18.Damaged and lapped cars should stay high when leaders approach.

19.Please keep race chat to an absolute minimum.

20.Most of all RESPECT your fellow racers and HAVE FUN!!!!