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    EVR_Z takes another
July 30 th , 2006

EVR STC's most recent winner was EVR_Z at Golden Sands leading 99 of 100 laps over second place finisher EVR_Jpat.

  EVR_Stone takes another
June 11th , 2006

Thompson Speedway - EVR_Stone took another EVR STC win this past week extending his point lead over second place points runner
Geoff B. The EVR STC league has been moved back 1 hour to accomodate mroe drivers. Server opnes at 8est and qualifying will begin promptly at 8:30est..

  GR_RealDeal Wins SoBo
May 16th , 2006

South Boston - GR_Realdeal won a thriller on old tires and a late race restart. RD was followed to the line by GeoffB & EVR_Z Sorry i don't have a pic for this win.

  EVR_Stone Scores Another
May 7 th , 2006

Once Again EVR_Stone finds himself triumphant in the EVR Short Track Challenge Series. EVR_95 took home a well deserved second, in this slightly off count week of only 6 drivers. Cya may 9th!

  EVR_Z Scores
April 11th , 2006

NEWS UPDATE: In a late turn of events, EVR_Stone the EVR STC Points leader and admin has been issued a penalty (by himself LOL) of -1 LAP for not adhering to the EOLL rule after causing a caution. Points have been recalculated.

Daytona Beach, FL - New Smyrna Speedway, home to many great latemodel drivers saw the EVR Short Track Challenge series bring 7 hot shoes from all around the country to test their skills on the tricky old track. The entire practice session was an indication of how close this race was gonna be. All the drivers who showed up to race practiced within .15 seconds of each other in a stunning display of driving talent. Few cautions were seen in this 100 lap race, and the lap 62 caution was the turning point of the entire race. EVR_Z pitted 4th taking on 4 brand new hoosiers, in route to an impressive stop by his crew, saw him leave the pits in first place. Never looking back Z managed his tires for the remaining 36 laps, and fended of 1 late race restart with 20 to go to take home the win.

  Added Skin
April 9 th , 2006

Added EVR_Jpat 06 LM SKin

  Stoney Wins Race 3!
Mar. 29th , 2006

Race 3 Saw some familar faces and some new ones, notably Missing were Cory Podolski and EVR_Cas. Pit road troubles and a tough track layout saw GR_Bong get thrown behind the 8 ball early and not be able to recover due to the lack of a LD in what was great short track racing. EVR_Stone and EVR Spoon saw late race action heat up as they both spun down the straight fighting for the lead with 20 to go, On the later restart it would be EVR_Z, Stone, & Spoon lining up 1,2,3, but another miscalculation (warp/lag) saw spoon send Z spinning to the infield. One more restart with Stone leading saw him take it all the way to the checkers and bring home his first EVR STC league win of the season.

  Another Update!
Mar. 14th , 2006

GaleForce83, came saw and conquered EVR STC in his first outing with the group. A Pole, a win, and the money, all went home with one driver. Another excellent race for the EVR STC League. Looking forward to seeing you all again next time at Irwindale Speedway.

  Race 1 A Success!
Feb. 28th , 2006

Stafford - Tight turns, tight racing, and paint rubbin is the name of the game in Short Track Racin' and the EVR STC series delivered in its first ever sanctioned league race. 9 drivers showed up to test there will against the short confines of Stafford Speedway and only 1 ended the night victorious. Skip Honaker in his first ever race at EVR lead early and often to take home his first EVR STC race win, and the way it looked tonight, not his last. 5 EVR drivers showed for this event and that was GREAT to see. Thanks all of you for your support and hope to see ya in 2 weeks. Sorry I have no pic for the winner, server issues and skin problems were are only real problem in our first shrot track outing!

ADDED Twoloose and RCR_29 LM skins tonight

Feb. 25th , 2006

Well the time has come! we are 2 days out from our very first race of the 2006 EVR Short Track Challenge. I uploaded 3 new cars today; EVR_Cas, S_Honaker, C_Podolski. I wish everyone good luck in our first outing as a league and I want to thank EVR_Stone for taking on this project as his own. I am merely a site builder and pit reporter for this one!

Thanks Racers