Rules, Regulations and Procedures:

The EVRacing DTR 2 Monday American Racing Shootout League races run Mondays Starting at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Participants should meet in the Pits/Drivers Meeting area on the website. Feature Race normally starts at 7:45 PM Eastern Time.

What is the EVRacing MARS format?
Its simple... There will be a track announced. Track wetnesses will also be included. The racers who are signed up to the race only need to show up in the designated chat room on race night.

More details to follow...

Who will be eligible?
Only racers who have been approved by the EVRacing League Admins and "invited" racers who pledge to follow the format rules and be clean, honest, and professional. You must run the track wetness that is posted. Tire Wear must be turned ON. All times and races ran in the leagues are subject for review by the EVRacing League Admins and they could deem your times illegal. If so then your times and points will be removed from the website. See also "How do I Signup?" below...


2004 Monday American Racing Shootout

1. The Rules and/or Regulations set forth herein do not express or imply warranty of safety, from publication of, or compliance with these Rules and/or Regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the MARS for Late Models, and are in no way a guarantee against injury to participants.

2. These Rules and/or Regulations will apply to all MARS sanctioned events.

3. MARS Officials shall have full authority over said sanctioned events, and, in the event of any dispute, the Head Official’s decision will be final. (Shadow32)

4. All Late Models are subject to be inspected by the MARS Technical Inspectors at any time during the event.

5. MARS reserves the Right to alter or amend these Rules and/or Regulations in the interests of fair competition.

a) Standard Dirt Style skins are required-A Stock appearing Monte Carlo/Mustang/Grand Prix/Taurus ext. Nose is required. NOTE: Nose and Roof and rear Roof supports must match body style: Mustang Nose + Mustang size roof supports- etc. Custom Skins on Default Ratbag Chassis' is acceptable if you have submitted the skin prior to the race event. Otherwise please use the default skins that come with the game. No Execeptions! Either run your submitted skin or a default Ratbag skin!

b) All skins must be mounted on a Default Ratbag Chassis. Anyone found using a different chassis will have their times forfeited. Also there are only three Ratbag Chassis that MARS League will allow... Your car MUST be one of the following:
Stanger 2000
Campala ZX
Monacan GT

a) All League Races must be run on EVR Servers. NO EXCEPTIONS. We need the server logs to record your times and post results.

a) NO CHEATING WILL BE ALLOWED NOR WILL IT BE TOLERATED! If you are found to be cheating, you will be removed from the series. On questionable times, you will be asked by the League Admin to rerun the 3-lap Qualifier race. If a racer can duplicate the lap times posted, you will be given full credit for the first run. If not, your time posted will be forfeited and racer will be thrown out of the League. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. NO IF's, AND's or BUT's. NO EXECPTIONS TO THIS RULE!

b) Wall Banging / Bashing to obtain better lap times will NOT be tolerated. If you can't prove your time with an EVR member and with Damage on then it is NOT legal. Other Leagues , Teams, or websites may accept wall bashing but EVRacing will not accept that sort of driving behaviour within our competitions.

c) Hypershifting to obtain better lap times will NOT be tolerated. Your choice of a manual or auto transmission is okay. However, rapidly shifting between gears to obtain a quicker lap time will be deemed illegal. If you can't prove your time with an EVR member and with Damage on then it is NOT legal. Other Leagues , Teams, or websites may accept hypershifting but EVRacing will not accept that sort of driving behaviour within our competitions.

d) Some tracks have a flaw in their scoring system that allows for someone to "cutt" across the infield sections to obtain better lap times. We have studied this and will not be allowing those runs in our charts. If a racer is running times close to the "cutt" times then that racer is subject to Protest and may lose all points and charting eligibility if the racer cannot prove their times are legit with an EVRacing Member present.

e) Unfortunately due to the nature of Online gaming, you may be warped or lagged upon and possibly even wrecked. Please keep this in mind as you are racing. Give other racers the benefit of the doubt. DO NOT EVER PURPOSELY TAKE SOMEONE OUT!!! THIS WILL ALSO BE MONITORED AND STRICTLY ENFORCED!!!

f) Save Your Replays!!! - Rough Driving and Intentionally taking people out will not be tolerated! If someone gets taken out by rough driving then save the replay, notify race official imediately after feature race, and then send your replay to the Race Official no later than 10 minutes after feature race completes. If you are incorrectly being accused of driving rough then you must prove your point of view by sending in your replay no later than 20 minutes after feature race. If accused does not send in replay then they forfeit their point of view. The Race Official will have the final say in whether or not rough driving actually took place. If accused is ruled as driving rough then that racer will be scored as last place in all the evenings events. 3 Strikes and your out! If you are found guilty of rough driving three times in a season then you will be asked to not return for the remainder of the season. It is possible to get 3 strikes in one race. (Dont be that guy!)

Race Event Rules

It shall be the responsibility of ALL drivers to attend the drivers meeting. In most circumstances, the drivers meeting will be held prior to hot laps. Any rule, format, or schedule change will be discussed at the drivers meeting. ALL drivers will be responsible for information discussed at the drivers meeting. Drivers Meeting will be held in the Drivers Meeting/ Pits link on the website.

All pertinent information such as race line-ups, point standings, provisional availability shall be posted at the EVRacing M.A.R.S. Drivers Meeting.

If you have a problem on the first lap, ESC out and we will do a restart. If possible,
drive backwards ON THE FIRST LAP ONLY to let other drivers know that you need a restart.
Drivers should note the number of cars in the race at the end of the first lap, and if cars are missing, exit and prepare for a restart.

Qualifying will be three full laps at a predetermined Track Wetness. On Monday through Wednesday preceding the Race night, Qualifying will be ran. We will take your best TRT for those 3 laps and determine the lineup. The times are used to line up the heat races. The fastest of the three laps will determine the Pole and Qualification Order. You have only 3 attempts to get in your Qualifying Run. Any Qualifying attempts over the 3rd one will be deemed illegal and all Qualifying times for that event will be recorded as a DQ.

Heat race line-ups will be determined by qualifying. An EVRacing official will give you the line-up in the chat room.

Last Chance Qualifiers, or D Features will be used to qualify additional cars after the heat events. In a standard M.A.R.S. event, two additional cars will be qualified through DMains. Number of DMains will be based on cars attempting to qualify following heat events. If two DMains are required, then the remaining cars will be divided into the two events based on points earned in the heats. The top car will transfer from each event. If insufficient cars remain for DMain Events, Then the top two cars will transfer from the single event. The standard length of a DMains Event is fifteen (15) Laps, but length of the event can be altered by M.A.R.S. officials for car count and track conditions.

B Features and C Features will be held to give every driver the opportunity to run feature laps and score feature points. After the D Mains eight additional cars will be qualified to run the B MAIN. Remaining drivers will run the C MAIN. The length of BMAIN and CMAIN races will be the same number of laps held in the AMAIN. Each A,B or C Mains will have a maximum of 8 drivers. The MARS OFFICIALS reserve the right to alter the number of racers involved in each MAIN to make the event run smoothly and be more enjoyable to all that participate.

The six drivers who transfer from the heat races will run a dash to determine their starting positions in the A main. The dash is lined up directly from the qualifying order of the transferring drivers.

A mains are around 20 laps (more for short tracks, less for big tracks) with the first 3 rows lined up directly from the dash results. After that, the drivers who transferred from the D main(s) are lined up. The winner of the A main is the winner of the event, and will receive the points for that event.

ANY driver that arrives late to a staging area either in the pits or on the track shall be REQUIRED to start that event from the rear of the field. This rule applies to heat races, last chance qualifiers, as well as the feature event.

League Admins reserve the right to adjust the race events to improve the racing action and promote a more enjoyable race experience for all participants. This may include adjusting the settings such as track wetness or laps ran. This may also include omitting some of the race stages such as Mains, Dashes, or even Heat races.

A standard MARS single night event will consist of Heat Races, DMains , B and C Mains, and the A-Mains Feature Event. The standard length of each Heat Race shall be 15 Laps, and the standard length of each DMain is 15 Laps. The number of Heats and DMains will be determined by car count and track size. Standard race lengths can be adjusted by M.A.R.S. series officials for track conditions or extenuating circumstances.

ALL drivers competing in EVRacing MARS League Events are encouraged to submit their skins to the DTR2 MARS league officials. Every driver who submits their skin will be rewarded 5 bonus pts. Every driver who races the submitted skin during the A-Feature Event will receive an additional 5 bonus pts per race. If you are needing a custom skin then please visit RF Skins or request one from Shadow32 on the main site. * NOTE * A Driver must only submit one skin per season.

Cars will NOT be allowed hot lap sessions prior to the qualifying heats. Drivers will only hot lap by M.A.R.S. officials' discretion / permission. We need the server's to be available for legitimate Qualifiying or Heat Race Sessions. Simply put... You should have had all week to Test and Tune your hotrod. Please haul your racecar to the track in race trim and be ready to roll.

While references have been made to conduct of drivers on the track, an overall statement concerning the conduct of ALL participants in MARS Events is as follows.

ALL participants in MARS events are expected to conduct themselves in a civil and professional manner. Due to the nature of racing, M.A.R.S. series officials understand that disputes may arise from time to time. HOWEVER, NO IMPROPER BEHAVIOR will be tolerated by ANY participant in a M.A.R.S. series event. IMPROPER BEHAVIOR can consist of, but is not limited to Driving Backwards, FIGHTING, Flaming, PHYSCIAL VIOLENCE of any kind, or TREATS of physical violence. ALL participants in a M.A.R.S. sanctioned event that would participate in IMPROPER BEHAVIOR are subject to Fines, Suspensions, or Permanent Bans from M.A.R.S. sanctioned events, at the discretion of the M.A.R.S. Race Director. (Shadow32)

Championship PTS and Minimum Purse Structures
*NOTE this is funny money so dont be expecting a real payout!*
**NOTE - MARS League Points and $money awarded have changed!**

EVRacing MARS has established Minimum Purse Requirements for all sanctioned events. Minimum Pay-Scale is listed as follows:

A-Main / Feature 
             20Laps      25Laps     30Laps      50Laps
Pos.  Pts     $7k         $9k        $12k        $24k
1)    115    $7,000      $9,000     $12,000     $24,000
2)    110    $5,500      $7,000      $9,000     $18,000
3)    106    $4,500      $5,500      $7,000     $14,000
4)    103    $3,750      $4,500      $5,500     $12,000
5)    100    $3,000      $3,750      $4,500      $9,000
6)     97    $2,500      $3,000      $3,750      $7,000
7)     94    $2,000      $2,500      $3,000      $5,500
8)     91    $1,750      $2,000      $2,500      $4,500

Pos.  Pts     $7k         $9k        $12k        $24k
9)     88    $1,500      $1,750      $2,000      $3,750
10)    86    $1,250      $1,500      $1,750      $3,000
11)    84    $1,000      $1,250      $1,500      $2,500
12)    82      $800      $1,000      $1,250      $2,000
13)    80      $700        $800      $1,000      $1,750
14)    78      $600        $700        $800      $1,500
15)    76      $550        $600        $700      $1,250
16)    74      $500        $550        $600      $1,000

Pos.  Pts     $7k         $9k        $12k        $24k
17)    72      $450        $500        $550        $800
18)    70      $400        $450        $500        $700
19)    69      $375        $400        $450        $600
20)    68      $350        $375        $400        $550
21)    67      $325        $350        $375        $500
22)    66      $300        $325        $350        $450
23)    65      $275        $300        $325        $400
24)    64      $250        $275        $300        $375
DNS)   32      $175        $225        $250        $325

Pos.   Transfer      Pts  
1)  x-fer to A Main + 5
2)  x-fer to B Main + 3
3)  x-fer to B Main + 2
4)  x-fer to B Main + 1
5)  x-fer to B Main + 1
6)  x-fer to C Main + 1
7)  x-fer to C Main + 1
8)  x-fer to C Main + 1
9)  x-fer to C Main + 1
10) x-fer to C Main + 1

Pos.  Pts  
1) x-fer + 75
2) x-fer + 70
3) x-fer + 66
4) x-fer + 63
5) x-fer + 60
6) x-fer + 57
7) x-fer + 54
8) x-fer + 52
9) x-fer + 50
10)x-fer + 48

Dash For Cash
Main Start  Pts  
1) 1st/Pole +5 ($1000)
2) 1st Out  +3
3) 2nd Ins  +2
4) 2nd Out  +1
5) 3rd Ins  +1
6) 3rd Out  +1

Qual Bonus
Pos.  Pts  
1)     +20 ($1000)
2)     +18 ($250)
3)     +17 ($100)
4)     +16 ($50)
5)     +15 
6)     +14
7)     +13
8)     +12
9)     +11
10)    +10
11)     +9
12)     +8
13)     +7
14)     +6
15)     +5
16)     +4
17)     +3
18)     +2
19-40)  +1

Other Bonus
+ 5 :Skin - Awarded for Running Submitted Skin each Race.
     (awarded each race)
+ 5 :Season Skin - Awarded for submitting a skin to run with 
     MARS League. (one time award)
+ 5 :Hard Charger Award - Regular MARS League Racer advancing 
     the most positions during the event.
+ 5 :Sportsmanship - MARS Official may award Sportsmanship 
     bonus for professionalism/conduct.
+ 5 :Most Consistent - Driver who has best AVG lap in any stage
     of the event (could be in heats, consi's, or features).

($500) + 5 :XPDA - Xtreme Professional Driver Award given out to 
     the driver or drivers who are the most professional of the race.
($1500) Klean Sweep Award - Driver winning every stage of event.
($2000) Bounty - Any driver who earns a feature win and breaks a 
                 winning streak against another driver who has 
                 earned 3 or more wins in a row during a season.

+60 :Hardship / Show-up Points - Awarded to Regular MARS 
     racer who showed up but could not race.
+40 :Heat Catchup - Awarded to Regular MARS racer who 
     couldn't make the Heats but did race semi.
+20 :Heat Hardship - Awarded to Regular MARS racer 
     who ran the Heats but could not run semi or dash.

How Do I Sign Up?
If you would like to participate in the EVR Monday American Racing Shootout League for DTR2, simply email the DTR2 MARS league officials.


We hope that you enjoy the competitions.  We still have a few Sponsorship areas open. If you are interested in Sponsoring a Race or the Entire League Schedule, email Sponsorship

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