Bumpkin / EVR_Bumpkin - #42 - The multi-talented Bumpkin, who's contributions to the early days of EVR onward to the EVR of today be it on or off the track have formed a legecy of its own. His outstanding website talent has been enjoyed by the countless thousands who have visited the EVR site over the years. A trip to Bumpkinland shows some of the many interesting facets of this Hall of Famer. The owner and driver of one of the most intrigueing joysticks ever to hit a track. Its hair trigger, precise, extremely fast actions coupled with outstanding track speed has enabled Bumpkin to remain at the top of the racing community year after year irregardless of the class of car you see him in. An unyeilding ability and driving style has always lead him to rattle any seasoned vet or completely befuddle the newest rookie on any track. Any slight mistake with Bumpkin on your bumper had the same result. He won and you lost. EVR has benefited greatly from Bumpkin's many contributions which makes him an easy choice to be added the EVR hall of Fame. (More...)

DennyS - #63 - Professional and loads of knowledge best describe DennyS. Throw in a ton of patience when it came to helping a fellow EVR member or the newest rookie on the track. DennyS had the ability to find ways of making anyone a much better driver and person by pointing out the small mistakes a person was making by making you feel comfortable even while he was beating you race after race. A person could not spend a few hours on a track with him without coming away thinking of the word "improvement." A pioneer of the Test and Tune days of DTRSC DennyS. would go to any lengths he felt were needed to help a person gain the confidance that was needed to improve oneself. A perfect example of what EVR was meant to be fits DennyS to a T. (More...)

Xman - #75 - Overflowing confidence and competitiveness was the norm day in and day out with Xman. So much so it could be felt through any monitor. If you ever raced with him on a red surface track you know the feeling. He gave Test and Tune sessions a whole meaning. Xman was always willing to give a new guy a few quick lessons in what not to do on a track. He would hand out endless tips on how to improve one self. Be it with setup tips or the currect line to be running. He had that competitive skill yet the ability which allowed him to take checkered flag after checkered flag but left a person finishing 2nd to him feeling good about the race. Extremely tough to beat and when that happened he would point out the things you had done right and tell you to go out and do it again and again. Xman helped pour the foundation of EVR. Solid in every way. (More...)

DIRT_Driver / EVR_DD - #42 Mopar Sprint - Dirt Driver was certainly a key to the early days of DTRSC and EVR. DD could single handily keep a person keyed up with his ability to crack a smile on ones face even on a bad day. DD's key to winning was to have fun doing it. When most every racer was using a wheel or joystick it was DD who took great pride in excelling with a certain key part to showcase his outstanding driving ability. DD earned the title of "the fastest keys" in DTRSC by repeatedly surprizing and baffling many an opponent when they found out they were just beat by a keyboard. So smooth and yet fast DD without a doubt always held strong the EVR key of excellence. (More...)

Steve - #15 - The question CAN YOU HANDLE THE EXTREME? Fits Steve like a custom made racing glove. Extremely fast. Extremely clean. Extremely smooth. Extremely consistant. Extremely competitive. Extremely professional. Extremely helpfull. Steve was a master at any track when it came to posting a top-notch TRT time no matter the number of laps being run. Steve was able to put together a run of DTRSC TRT championships that will remain unequaled. Flawless runs lap after lap were the norm for Steve. There is no doubt that Steve could handle the extreme. The proof being in how extremely hard it was to ever beat him. Just like a custom made racing glove, Steve is a perfect fit to the EVR Hall of Fame. (More...)

EVR JV (and the JV certainly didn't stand for Junior Varsity) JV was a sure first stringer from the early days of DTRSC. A talented driver who carried the EVR name into many different sprint leagues with great success. JV would always give anyone a fast paced clean race. And when it came to Test and Tune sessions you could always count on JV to contribute in any way he could, with the end result being it always seemed like you left being a better driver from having used one of his tips. When JV brought his "A" game he showed why he was good fit for the EVR "A" team. (More...)

S_K... Certainly the best flat track racer EVER in DTR1 !!! Shadow32 spent many laps following this flattrackin wildcat around trying to learn his "setup secrets". Truth be made known... the setup wasnt near as crucial as the line and throttle points. S_K has skewled many a racer on how slower is faster on those flat tracks. Not to make light of his other racing abilites... S_K certainly knew how to drive you clean and wait for the opportune moment to blow your doors off. He would methodically pick cars off one by one on his way to the front of the pack. Once there it was impossible to keep up with him. Shadow32 recalls one particular evening at Eldon. S_K and Shadow32 switched leads about 18 times during that 10 lap session. Our TRT wouldn't have made the charts but the "FUN FACTOR" was one of the best in Shadow32's racing career. Consistent, Patient, and Professional are 3 words that imediately pop into your mind when describing S_K. EVRacing Motorsports Group's image was definately improved having S_K as a member. (More...)

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