EVRacing TRT ShootOut Schedule:

What is the EVRacing TRT ShootOut Series?

Its simple... There will be a track announced on Monday. Also announced will be how many laps. You can run the track as many times as you like during the week. You can also run the track at your preferred track wetness. On the following Monday the results will be announced. You must run on an EVR server to get your times counted. Points will be rewarded for the fastest (TRT) session of the registered racers on the track.

What are the EVRacing TRT ShootOut Rules?
Simple... check out EVR-TRT Rules

DTR2 LateModels
there are only three Ratbag Chassis that EVR-TRT ShootOut Series will allow... Your car MUST be one of the following:
Stanger 2000
Campala ZX
Monacan GT

DTR2 ProStocks
there are only three Ratbag Chassis that EVR-TRT ShootOut Series will allow... Your car MUST be one of the following:


The EVRacing 'TRT' Schedule Follows the MARS ZZ'05 Schedule.

  • Week #1 = June 13th - June 19th - Grandview - 30 Laps
  • Week #2 = June 20th - June 26th - Tweaksville - 30 Laps
  • Week #3 = June 27th - July 3rd - Reds Raceway Park - 25 Laps
  • Week #4 = July 4th - July 17th - Trego Flats - 25Laps *Notice 2weeks*
  • Week #5 = July 18th - July 24th - Dalton - 20 Laps
  • Week #6 = July 25th - July 31st - Mega Dome - 20 Laps
  • Week #7 = Aug 1st - Aug 7th - Penn National - 25 Laps
  • Week #8 = Aug 8th - Aug 14th - McKean - 25 Laps
  • Week #9 = Aug 15th - Aug 21st - Sioux Valley - 30 Laps
  • Week #10 = Aug 22nd - Aug 28th - EVR_v2 - 50 Laps


Thanks go out to the track builders and Web Hosts for the EVRacing 'TRT' Summer SiZZler'05 tracks!

IGGR - EVR_V2, Reds Rcwy Pk
FUO - Trego Flats, Grandview
Throwinitdown - Penn Nationals, Tweaksville, MegaDome, Sioux Valley
Dirtwizard - McKean
BHMotorsports - Dalton

*NOTE* For the Summer SiZZler'05 Season we are racing all 3 classes of cars... LateModels, ProStocks and Modifieds.



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