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- MARS Official Rules & Regulations

1) Flaming
Flaming of other drivers will absolutely not be tolerated, period!!
First offense: A WARNING.
Second offense: EXPULSION FROM MARS .

2) Blocking
This is racing, blocking is part of it... although drivers do it we pefer you not to. There is a time for blocking and a time for letting someone pass. Use your head to drive the car, if you throw a block and get wrecked, welcome to the sport of dirt car racing !
3) Intentional Wrecking
The intentional wrecking of other drivers will not be tolerated !! If determined by replay that an intentional wreck has occurred, the wrecker will be put to the last place finishing position for that event. Second offense will result in suspension from the next event and probation for the remainder of the season. In the event that a driver on probation is found to have intentionally initiated an incident that causes another wreck, that member will immediately be expelled from MARS.
4) Pre-Race Prep
Before signing on to the race server it is recommended that everyone reboot their PC, This will free up some system resources that could help game play and performance. After rebooting ALL un-necessary applications must be shut down prior to launching the game this means virus protection, Instant messengers, File sharing utilities, System utilities and personal firewalls. This will free up additional system resources and most importantly will prevent any problems or interruptions during the race that could cause wrecks or connectivity issues.
5) Drivers Meeting
The race server will be up 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event start time. In most cases this will be a general chat session. Attending the drivers meeting is not mandatory, but is recommended.
6) Chat
EVR Racing currently uses Ventrilo to communicate before, during and after each event. You are NOT required to use Ventrilo during races. Chat during the race event must be kept to a minimum. If not using voice chat, please use auto chat during the race, keep random chat at a minimum. The more we type, the more wrecks we will have. Etiquette will be expected among ALL members. Flaming again will NOT be tolerated on voice chat !! And being that we are all adults, lets try to keep our choice of verbs during races, clean. NO CHAT DURING QUALIFYING WILL BE TOLERATED....!! It's not that hard to be quiet for 3 minutes.
7) Race Format
League Points Races format will be as follows:
8) Lap cars
It is the responsibility of the overtaking driver to execute a safe and clean pass. It is the responsibility of the driver being passed to be aware of the pass attempt and allow the faster overtaking driver room to maneuver safely. Slow drivers need to hold their lines.
Slower cars and Lapped cars that are off the pace will be asked to yield the preferred racing groove to the faster cars. Please allow the faster cars to pass on the inside in the corners unless the preferred line is the high line, then please allow them to pass high.
9) Racing
All drivers shall respect the braking points of other drivers. The trailing driver shall brake earlier when following another driver to avoid collisions.
No drivers shall pinch off pass attempts entering a corner. A driver shall yield to a pass attempt if another driver gets his front axle past the driver's rear axle entering the corner.
All drivers are encouraged to save the race replay, incase of any Protests.
10) Warping
Inevitably there will be the occasional warping car. It happens ! If a car on the track is warping, give them some space. If you are being told that you are warping, please heed that warning. It is the responsibility of each driver to not cause a wreck due to warping. Although there will be no penalties for warping, or in the event of a wreck due to warping, repeated problems with warp will have to be solved in a manner that will be best for the league.
11) Protests
12) Consistency
Being able to run a consistent line throughout the course of an event is the key to being competitive and staying out of wrecks that occur when being passed or passing other cars. Each driver must have the ability to hold a consistent line through turns and when being overtaken by other cars.
13) Patience
PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! BE PATIENT !!! It is Possible to start at the rear of a 20 car field and win the race, "IF", you will race with your head and use some common sense! If by chance you do not win, isn't it better to finish a race in 10th place than to be on the hauler, after lap 10?
14) Setups
MARS setups are open...... run what you brung!!! The League strives to improve each and every drivers ability. Therefore we require that all drivers share all their setups. This will improve each driver and will make the races more even and competitive. This also helps create a stronger league spirit, drivers that are unwilling to share setups and help drivers out are not the people we're looking for.
15) Cheats
16) Article 101
It is the responsibility of each driver to insure that they are "up to speed" on the rules. As in the real world there will be amendments to the rules from time to time. Each driver should check the rules at least once a month to stay current with changes in League rules and policies. These rules are subject to change without formal notice, for the protection of the drivers of this league and the league itself. At no time should any member of this league "assume" anything that is not expressed in the EVR Racing Official League Rules. Any questions regarding rules or policies, either written or otherwise should be posted in the "HEAT" Open Discussion Forum. All questions or concerns by League drivers will be addressed as soon as possible by the League Officials, answers to inquiries will be posted as a reply in the forum. Amendments to the League Rules or to policies concerning the league will be addressed in the Official League Rule book and in the "HEAT" Open Discussion Forum. Final decisions concerning rules amendments will be the responsibility of the League President. (EVRMSG)
17) Have Fun
Everyone here to race and have a good time, lets keep it that way!!


EVR Motorsports Group - President - Jamie Hoofman "EVR_s32"
EVR Nascar Heat- Series Co-Directors - EVR_50w, EVR_Max
EVR Nascar Heat - VP of marketing and Development-
Jim Houser "EVR_50w"